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What’s happening in August?

In this article we have some topics that you might like to engage your students with this term. We've collated some resources for you to use to integrate into your planning. For our TTS Universal... more

How is your class celebrating Matariki?

It's the middle of the year, and today marks winter solstice - the shortest day of the year. With Matariki starting on Sunday, for many of us this is a time to gather, to reflect, to remember those... more

5 things teachers need to know about storing your files in the cloud

There's been a lot of buzz in the last month about internet security. Some of it makes us worry, but eventually we slip into thinking "what can I do...?" and so we try not to think about it. ... more

There’s great PL for reading and writing on next week in Wellington!

There are a few tickets left for next weeks sessions on reading and writing for technology! What you need to know: Wednesday 10 May, Linden School. more

TTS Universal™ – The 4Es [+1] of TTS 4Es

As teachers, we want the best for the learners in our classrooms. TTS Universal is a handy way of organising students’ online experiences, in a time efficient way for teachers. more

TTS Universal™ – 4Es

It is the middle of term 3, and classrooms are humming! Here are a few ideas to support your planning at the first 4 levels of the curriculum. ___________________________________________________ ... more

Inquiry Learning: How the TTS LaunchPad can help

I have been thinking about how we, as teachers, model best practice online, and how we can explicitly teach digital literacy to our students. TTS LaunchPad is an online application that can assist... more