School children

Feedback from Professional Learning

What people are saying about TTS Professional Learning:

Nā te mea i hākai pai ki āhaku mahi āianei tou; he māmā noa te whai i tā Tīpene kōrero, ā, he hua nui i puta. Atu i te papamahi nā Wawaro, koinei taku tino. 🙂 translation: directly useful and practical for exactly what I’m doing right now at kura, easy to follow what Steve said, and learned a great deal.


It was really well organised and gave lots of the staff greater confidence!


The group size was great, don’t change this.


It was great working with other schools and the small group was fantastic!


Well worthwhile and made the process less intimidating


Very patient teacher!  Thank you!


I liked having a few extra minutes with Steve because I am a “slow learner”. It gave me so much more confidence.


Probably the best way for me to enter Google Classroom.


Relaxed, non-judgemental session for non geeks.


Steve is a great presenter, great use of humour. Pitched the PD at the appropriate level.


Thanks Steve . Very appropriate for teachers. Your presentation moved at the right speed of learning for me and having others on hand to attend to specific needs was beneficial too.


Kia Ora Michael, 

Thank you so much for yesterday. I am so amped up to get in to class and get everyone writing. Your enthusiasm is catchy 😀 Keep on doing what you’re doing… It’s awesome!