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307 FLYINGHIGH with Google Sites for Appraisal

307 Flyinghigh with Google Sites for AppraisalFLYINGHIGH with Google Sites for Appraisal is a course for senior leaders and appraisers, who have attended a NEXTSTEPS with Google Sites course. Use Google Sites to create ePortfolio templates for your staffs professional work and appraisals.

The Education Council has indicated that it is a teacher’s responsibility to keep a portfolio of their professional practice, which includes attendance at PD, planning and reflection on lessons and professional relationships. Google Sites enables teachers to create a private ePortfolio, which can be shared with appraisers for commenting, or which can be transferred to another school.

Google Sites ePortfolios are attractive, highly customisable, and look good on mobile devices. Multimedia, like audio, video, presentations, pictures, diagrams and graphs can be stored in an ePortfolio.

In this course we will learn how to:

  • create, edit and share an appraisal ePortfolio template with staff;
  • monitor staff contributions to the ePortfolio;
  • embed Google Drive documents for sharing;
  • manage ePortfolio backups;
  • transfter ePortfolios between schools.

This is a hands-on, practical and collaborative ‘bring your own device’ class.


Course Specifications

  • Level: FLYINGHIGH (an advanced course for those who have completed a NEXTSTEPS course or have a similar level of prior exposure to the technology).
  • Prerequisite: NEXTSTEPS with Google Sites or several years of experience with Google Sites.
  • What to bring to the course: A laptop, set up with a Google Account. Any passwords needed to access the laptop.
  • Course cost: $145 + GST per person, per course.
  • Enquiries:


Cancellation Policy

If you or another registered course attendee are unable to attend, you may send a replacement in your place. Should you wish to cancel at least ten working days from the course, a refund will be given, less an administration feel of $25 + GST per registered course attendee, providing we receive notification of the cancellation by email to . There are no refunds for ‘no shows’ or cancellations made less than ten working days prior to a course.