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TTS Universal™ – The 5Es of TTS Folio

As teachers, we want the best for the learners in our classrooms. TTS Universal is a handy way of organising students’ online experiences, in a time efficient way for teachers.

  1. Empower students to make decisions about their learning. Assign multiple books, or push out websites on the LaunchPad, to students on a topic you are going to be studying and have students prepare follow up activities for others to complete.
  2. Engage students while reading TTS Folio books. Have the students use the highlight and notes functions. Have them summarise every page or chapter, or highlight 3 key ideas from the page. What a great way to begin teaching research and study skills.
  3. Enable digital fluency by setting an open ended task as a follow up activity. Encourage the students to think about how they will meet the requirements and what digital tools they need and will use.
  4. Educate for the 21st century. Don’t use technology just because you have it, use it because it supports your programme.
  5. Enjoy reading TTS Folio books with your class. My favourite at the moment is Little Pook! Use a TV or projector to use texts for shared reading. Remember to assign the shared reading texts with the students as well, so they can read them independently.
Little Pook is ideal for shared reading with students reading within Level 1 of the curriculum.
It is a story with a uniquely New Zealand feel!
TTS Folio has heaps of resources you can use in your classroom in ways that you teach.
Try guided, shared and independent reading using TTS Folio books.
I do a lot of reading in my spare time, and I found this Literature Review on the Impact of Digital Technology on Learning and Teaching. It is quite long, so you might need to settle down in a quiet space to read it, or check just outChapter 3 : Digital learning and raising attainment (page 12).
This is an example of a resource available that you can use to support various reading strategies. There are many more coming, so watch this space…

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback here at TTS, so any feedback on the TTS Universal Platform goes to , if you want information on how you can develop the ideas above in your school, contact , and if you have ideas, questions or want a general chat about anything else, reply to me!

Ngā mihi nui,

Michael Richards