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Our Education Team

The TTS team of education technology consultants, e-Learning specialists, content developers and professional learning facilitators offer decades of educational experience gained from teaching and working within the New Zealand and international markets.

This wealth of knowledge and experience means the team are well positioned to assist schools to lead through change. They are dedicated to assisting with:

  • Digital strategic planning;
  • Integrating technologies into teaching and learning;
  • Management of infrastructure;
  • School Digital Fluency;
  • Technology audits.

Our team are always keen to chat and assist where they can, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Management Team

manLuke Forbes

 Customer Service Manager, National

Luke is committed to achieving the highest standards of customer service. Having come from a technical background as an administrator and engineer for TTS, Luke understands the challenges faced by customers and technical staff alike. He is a firm believer in always looking for continual improvement, and is committed to evolving TTS services, processes and skill-sets to meet all of the technical and support needs of our wide range of customers.

peterPeter J. Russell

Head of Technical Design, National

Peter has had over 12 years of hands-on technology infrastructure and IT cloud solution experience with both corporate and educational environments. Responsible for the project management of TTS internal solution productisation, our Universal content platform development and vendor productisation – his organised, friendly, calm and knowledgeable approach is popular with educators, technicians and vendor partners alike.

manWade Charman

General Manager – Northern Region

Wade is an experienced manager who ensures the Northern arm of TTS is proactively involved in the wider education arena. He manages our large Northern team of education technology consultants, technicians and engineers, comprising Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Rotorua. He also manages our procurement division. A passionate supporter of local schools, Wade ensures that they receive prompt, immediate attention from his team.

Professional Learning Consultants

Our professional learning consultants are qualified, experienced and Ministry-accredited educators. TTS promotes and facilitates the development of 21st century pedagogies that hold the learner at the centre of teaching. TTS supports schools to move away from traditional “delivery” of content, toward more student-centric, facilitated, and constructivist approaches, where the teacher is a guide. Education is something that is done with the learner rather than done to the learner — a philosophy which underpins all TTS professional learning and development.

Steve Voisey

Lead Professional Learning, National

Steve has taught in New Zealand for over 13 years. He maintains a strong social media presence. With experience across year levels, platforms and contexts, Steve delivers meaningful PLD that empowers educators to do what they’re good at: teaching and learning. Steve is patient and knowledgeable, and will enable teachers to use technology effectively and efficiently. Steve is extremely skilled in Google and is also an accredited Microsoft trainer.

021308563 @stevevoisey

manMichael Richards

Professional Learning, National

Michael is a passionate and experienced classroom teacher with a strong background of primary pedagogy coupled with teaching practicality. He is a super user of Google Apps and iPads and he is also passionate about digital storytelling in the classroom. Michael will go the extra mile to make sure your team understand and use every facet of using TTS products for literacy, science and socials studies.

Education Technology Consultants

Our education technology consultants are keen to consult with your ICT team and assess your school’s ICT strategic direction. They can also advise on any requirements for change management associated with technology implementation, device management and PLD. TTS recognises that it takes more than the latest IT fads to improve teacher and student engagement and achievement.

marionMarion Stewart

Auckland and Far North

Marion is a highly experienced education account manager. She has over 20 years experience working with New Zealand schools and teachers. Marion enjoys the exciting challenge of helping schools strategically plan their technology requirements and ensures they effectively utilise SAMR, Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and devices in the classroom.

janetJanet Badley


Janet has joined us from Massey University where she was lecturing first year students in Business Studies. Originally with our PLD and Marketing team, she is enjoying being out and about in our schools helping school leaders and educators determine their future needs in relation to the principles of eLPF.

manSteve Sutton

Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne & East Coast

Steve had 30+ years experience in the communication industry, having spent the last 7 years working on projects within the School Network Upgrade Programme (SNUP) as an installer, installing cabling in over 100 schools.
Steve looks after any education needs in the Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and the east coast regions. Steve also looks after any cabling needs throughout the country.