School children

HP Managed Print Service


If part of your school strategic plan is to implement a reliable, sustainable infrastructure that supports operations, instruction and meaningful student learning, then you should consider HP MPS.

TTS in partnership with HP Managed Print Services (MPS) provide a complete end-to-end printing solution for your school. With a wide range of printer options to meet any requirement, HP Managed Print Services allows TTS to accurately deploy a solution adequate to your school’s needs.

Why take a close look at your school print costs?

Your printing environment presents a great opportunity to reduce costs. We have helped schools save up to 30% or more on overall printing costs.

What do we do?

TTS will evaluate your existing infrastructure and ensure we understand the big picture: what is being printed and how often; how many pages are being used per classroom; who is printing more and who is printing less; and use that information to present an optimised solution.