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Activities in TTS Universal | June 2017

So far, the biggest update for 2017 has been activities. Activates add extra engagement for students. They include:

  • cloze
  • multichoice
  • short answer

Short Answer questions are manually marked by the teacher; other question types will automatically assign marks based on the student’s answers.

Steps to using activities with your students:

1. Open TTS 4Es

2. You can view the activities in the Activities tab located next to the Core Content / More Content tabs in the Library.

3. Or you can see associated activities when you open a title

4. Assign the title to the class, group, or individuals.

5. Click on the little hexagon to select the activities for the students

6. Activity allows students to attempt the questions as many times as they like, by clicking the Question Mark icon on the relevant page – Activities are optional for students.

7. Assessment restricts the number of attempts for the selected Activity and stops the student navigating past that page until they’ve attempted the activity at least once. 

8. National Standards is one of the available grading systems you can choose for the selected assessment. Students can then be graded as Well Below, Below, At, or Above.


When students get to the page with an activity, they’ll see a question mark. Get them to click or touch that to do the activity. Almost all titles have activities now, so there’s no reason not to use them!

Have you used activities with your students yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.