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TTS Universal™ – Feedback

Welcome to week three, term three. Did you know that over the past few weeks TTS has published more books into the 4Es library? There are now over 150 books available. That’s 59 fiction stories and poems (eTales and eXplores) and close to 100 non-fiction texts (eQuests and eScouts). There are resources from level 1 to level 4 of the curriculum.

If you are studying the Olympics at the moment, here are a few books and resources that might be of interest:
Curriculum Level 2:
My Hobbies (eXplore)
All About Hobbies – By Judy Hucker (eQuest)
Cycle World (eScout)
Balls (eScout)
Create a Sport (eDetective)

Curriculum Level 3:
Disability not Inability (eScout)
Thrills and Spills (eXplore)
Thrills and Spills (eQuest)
Breakneck Speed (eScout)
Record Speeds (eDetective)
Festivals (eQuest)
Sporting Festivals (eScout)
Country Study (eDetective)
Flag It! (eDetective)
The Commonwealth Games (eDetective)

Curriculum Level 4:
Game On! (eTale)
Caring for Your body (eQuest)
Finding Your Own Path (eScout)
Decisions Can Be Hard (eQuest)
You Can Do It! (eScout)
Unique You (eScout)

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