School children

Hamilton, Term 4

We’re presenting a wide array of courses in term 4. Here’s the full schedule, including a new course:  Work towards online assessment.

Tue 11 Oct 9AM 206 NEXTSTEPS with Google Classroom
Tue 11 Oct 1PM 363 Working Towards Online Assessment
Wed 12 Oct 9AM 102 FIRSTSTEPS with Google Apps for School Office Staff & Administrators
Wed 12 Oct 1PM 204 NEXTSTEPS with Google Admin
Tue 18 Oct 9AM 124 FIRSTSTEPS with Windows 10
Tue 18 Oct 1PM 134 FIRSTSTEPS – The Nuts and Bolts of SAMR
Wed 19 Oct 9AM 361 Connecting with the Community using MailChimp
Wed 19 Oct 1PM 362 Collecting and analysing community data with Digital Forms
Tue 1 Nov 9AM 101 FIRSTSTEPS With Google Apps
Tue 1 Nov 1PM 201 NEXTSTEPS With Google Apps 
Wed 2 Nov 9AM 205 NEXTSTEPS With Google Sites
Wed 2 Nov 1PM 307 FLYINGHIGH With Google Sites for Appraisal
Thu 3 Nov 9AM 102 FIRSTSTEPS With Google Apps for School Office Staff
Thu 3 Nov 1PM 207 NEXTSTEPS with Blogger