School children

Taupo, Term 4

Steve Voisey will be at Tauhara College in term 4. Senior students will be on study leave by then, so it’s a perfect time to get your head into some digital tools as you start thinking about 2017.

 Tue 15 Nov 9:00 AM 206 NEXTSTEPS with Google Classroom
 Tue 15 Nov 1:00 PM 363 Working Towards Online Assessment
 Wed 16 Nov 9:00 AM 134 Firststeps – The Nuts and Bolts of SAMR
 Wed 16 Nov 1:00 PM 101 Firststeps with Google Apps
 Thu 17 Nov 9:00 AM 361 Connecting with the Community using MailChimp
 Thu 17 Nov 1:00 PM 362 Collecting and analysing community data with Digital Forms