School children

Wanganui 9-10 August

Steve Voisey will be in Wanganui  showing teachers and office staff Google tips and tricks and the nuts and bolts of SAMR in August!

101 Firststeps with Google Apps102 Firststeps with google apps for school office staffFIRSTSTEPS With Google Apps is a hands-on beginners course designed specifically for primary and secondary school teachers that have started, or are about to start using Google Apps for Education. There is also a special session for School Office Staff – because they don’t get nearly enough love. 😉

134 Firststeps the nuts and bolts of SAMRThe SAMR model is useful for analysing how teachers integrate technology into the classroom. FIRSTSTEPS The Nuts and Bolts of SAMR is a hands-on beginners course that analyses lesson plans through the SAMR lens. Build learning tasks that operate at each of the SAMR layers and learn how to incorporate existing technology to improve student outcomes.

206 Nextsteps with Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is a Google App that creates an online space for teachers and students. It allows teachers to assign work to students, which the teachers can automatically see – no sharing required! Teachers who wish to do NEXTSTEPS with Google Classroom need to have had Google Apps for about a year and completed FIRSTSTEPS With Google Apps. This is by far our most popular course, so book early.