School children

Whakatane, Term 4

Steve Voisey will be at Trident High School in term 4. Senior students will be on study leave by then, so it’s a perfect time to get your head into some digital tools as you start thinking about 2017.

Tuesday is all about data. In the morning, we’ll be looking at opportunities offered by online assessment and the implications for teaching and learning. The focus changes to the community (families, businesses, staff, students, interest groups) in the afternoon. Both of these courses are platform agnostic – it makes no difference whether you’re on Google, Office 365 or neither.

Wednesday morning is also platform agnostic, and it’s intended for teachers who are just starting their elearning journey. We dive into Google Classroom in the afternoon.

Tue 22 Nov 9:00 AM , 363 Working Towards Online Assessment

Tue 22 Nov 1:00 PM , 362 Collecting and analysing community data with Digital Forms

Wed 23 Nov 9:00 AM , 134 Firststeps – The Nuts and Bolts of SAMR

Wed 23 Nov 1:00 PM , 206 Nextsteps with Google Classroom