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Course level guide

The eLearning Planning Framework (ELPF) has developed into a useful tool for measuring the stage of development of whole schools and individual teachers. With the release of the new scheme for Centrally Funded PD, the ELPF has been identified as the method of measuring teacher competence in Digital Fluency.

To assist teachers and principals in choosing the right course for each staff member, we’ve aligned our courses to the ELPF.


Pre-Emerging (000 Level)

For staff members at a low level of confidence, coming to another venue for ProfessionalLearning can be an unnecessary hurdle. These courses are special – they are only delivered at the participant’s school – within their normal work environment. On their own school laptop or desktop.

Emerging (100 Level)

From TKI:

You find out about technologies, and supplement teacher-directed, lower- order (surface) approaches of teaching.

We used to call these courses FIRSTSTEPS.

Engaging (200 Level)

From TKI:

You trial and begin to use technologies appropriately to support higher-order (deep), collaborative teaching and learning.

We used to call these courses NEXTSTEPS.

Extending (300 Level)

From TKI:

You begin to collaborate with students to use technologies appropriately to support authentic, higher order, co- constructed learning.

We used to call these courses FLYINGHIGH.

Empowering (400 level)

From TKI:

You work collaboratively alongside students to create personalised, higher-order, real-world learning.