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Wireless & Mobility

Wireless-and-Mobility Mobility has become a key enabler in education. Teachers and learners in today’s e-learning environment demand the flexibility of anywhere, anytime access to education resources – from any device. As a result, the ability to provide a safe and secure wireless network that can be accessed by a variety of mobile devices is an essential part of any school’s IT infrastructure.

Wireless specialists

With specialist expertise and knowledge across a range of platforms – including Ruckus, Aerohive, HP and Cisco – TTS are ideally positioned to offer sound and pragmatic advice, then deploy and manage a robust and sustainable wireless solution that meets your specific needs.

Our approach always takes into account current requirements while ensuring that future demands are catered for, including BYOD (bring your own device) and 1-to-1 computing programs.

With the proliferation of mobile devices like the iPad and other tablets, Chromebooks, Netbooks and SmartPhones, wireless networks have become increasingly complex and it is critical to get good advice.

Some questions to answer BEFORE you install a wireless network in your school:

  1. Is wireless coverage required for the entire school grounds or just the classrooms, and do I need to be able to roam throughout the school by only logging on once?
  2. What about security – how do I control who can access the wireless system? And what if the school is located in a residential area where neighbours could hack the network and steal bandwidth?
  3. How can I buy just what I want now, but ensure that I have an upgrade path to the future when the number and variety of devices wanting to access the network grows?
  4. Can our wireless network be set up to allow student (and guest) access via a range of devices – including netbooks, iPads, iPods and Smart phones – whilst keeping the internal network safe?
  5. Why can’t I just use cheap domestic radio access points that can be purchased from a local retailer – what are the limitations?
  6. How can we ensure our wireless network will support a 1:1 computing / BYOD (bring your own device) programme and help alleviate the costs associated with school-owned devices?
  7. My school will soon have (or already has) access to ultra-fast broadband – how will this impact on our wireless network?
  8. What about SNUP – should we wait till we have had our SNUP upgrade before we do anything with our wireless network?

If you would like some help answering these and any other questions you may have about wireless networks, please contact us. We are happy to provide a free no-obligation proposal outlining wireless options specific to your school environment.